After School Bug Clubs

Rent a beast is passionate about educating through interaction. We bring in a variety of our minibeasts during each session. Each child will get to learn about the minibeasts we have and we also emphasise the correct animal welfare for each. It allows the children to get up close and personal with our interesting bugs, whilst learning through doing. We run our bug club at your school/nursery. Our bug club is ideal for children aged 4 years and upwards. The number restriction within each group is 25 children to ensure that everybody gets to participate. Of course we can run multiple clubs alongside each other if the demand is there. Payment will be through parents so the school does not incur any cost. Once they have completed all the weeks at  Bug Club they will get a certificate and a small gift for taking part (not alive!! ;) ).

The sessions can consist of:

Stick insects and Leaf Insects - masters of disguise

Beetles - The life cycle

Millipedes - Our fab forest floor hoovers

Tarantulas and scorpions - The carnivores of the minibeast world

Cockroaches and Food chains - meet the minibeasts that are other animal's snacks!

Giant African Land snails - The correct way to care for a minibeast

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