Mini Beast Parties

Does your child show an interest in all things creepy crawly? Fancy a different kind of party? Our birthday parties allow your child and their guests to get up close and personal with our different mini beasts. We bring a variety of minibeasts with us. African land snails, millipedes, giant stick insects, beetles, Madagascan hissing cockroaches, leaf insects, beetles, tarantulas, scorpions and more!  The birthday boy/girl is given a special role throughout our talk and handling sessions.

We teach the kids about our interesting invertebrates, and how to care for them. They get a go at handling them if they wish! The Birthday boy/girl gets a certificate and a chance to look after a minibeast for a week (parent permitting!). Give them a party they won’t forget!


Our prices are very reasonable, starting from £150 for the talk and handling session for an hour. We recommend having maximum of 20 children for each party. If your likely to have more guests then we will need extra staff at an addition charge. There may be a surcharge if the party is over 30 miles from our location of 45p per mile. Price depends on location.

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