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Florida Katydid

An amazing looking insect from Florida and Cuba. They have a striking green colouration and perfectly mimic the foliage around them. If in danger the Katydids are able to jump very high and quite far to enable them to get out of danger. Also known as the bush cricket the Katydid is one of the fastest growing insects and has one of the most characterful faces in the insect world. ..

Giant African Black Millipede

One of the largest of the Millipedes these guys come from Western Africa. They love to live in a moist substrate full of lovely rotting leaves and bark. They will sometimes bury down under the soil. Growing to a fabulous 11 inches they are one of the most striking Millipedes to have and as with the Red legged species these also very docile and calm. The down side is that they do like to poo on you. ..

Giant African Land Snail

These gentle giants originate from East Africa. They can reach a good size of 7 inches and like to bury themselves in the soil. They are vegetarians and love to feast on salad and soft fruit in captivity. Like all snails they are hermaphrodites, which means they are both male and female. If you have 2 snails you will undoubtedly end up with lots of eggs. They can lay around 60 eggs at one time. These snails should not be released into the wild as they may become serious pests to our own count..

Giant Borneo Stick Insect

These are one of our favourite types of beasts. Their impressive size matched with their gentle nature is a great combination. In the wild these guys hang out with the orang-utans in Borneo. They go through five moults in their life time getting bigger each time they shed their skin. The females are much larger than the males. This is because she has to produce a lot of eggs using her ovipositor to lay them in the ground. The smaller males with hitch a ride on the back of the female. ..

Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

These.Are.Amazing! The goliath is the largest tarantula in the world and the second largest spider (the giant huntsman spider is the largest). They use their power and size to bring down their prey, no need for webs for this beast. The are found in burrows in the south american rain forrests. They are quite aggressive so our Goliaths are look but don't touch minibeasts. If you were to get bitten their venom isn't very toxic but their 1 inch fangs may come a bit sharp to you! Awesome anima..

Jungle Nymph

The jungle nypmhs are the heaviest of all the stick insects. The female are the most impressive as once fully grown they become a bright green colour and have a nifty trick of doing hand stands. They come from the rain forests of Malaysia and eat vegetation. We hire out the young nymphs as they don’t have the fully grown spurs which when adult can prove to be a bit spikey. They are very good at playing dead, a defence mechanism to put off potential predators. So don’t be alarmed of they do th..

Leaf insect

Nature at its best. These beasts use their incredible camouflage to blend into the background making it near impossible to see them. Clever nature! They look exactly like a leaf even the ridges along their back mimic the veins of the leaves. The originate from rain forests of the Phillipenes and like their enclosure nice and humid as it would be in the wild. Their favourite game is hide and seek and they almost win every time! ..

Macleay's Spectre stick insect

These are the clowns of the rent a beast collection. They originate from the eucalyptus forests of Australia. Their camouflage is amazing, they are also known as the spinney leaf insects and you can see why. They blend in well to their environment. The even do a funny wobbely walk to pretend that they are leaves blowing in the wind. Their sight is poor and they rely more on their sense of smell to find food and mates. When you handle these guys you will see that they feel their way around wit..

Madagascan hissing cockroach

These beasties come from the island of Madagascar (bet you didn’t guess that). They live on the forest floor eating all the dead matter that the forest produces. Life’s natural recycler.  They produce a hissing noise as a self defence mechanism and during fights. The noise is produced from their breathing holes in the side of their body (called spiricales) when they push the air out. They can grow up to 7.5 cm long and can live till they are 5 years old. Each female can have 60 young at ..

Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula

A calm, docile and beautifully coloured tarantula. Any guess's where it is from?! Yes Mexico of course. The tarantulas grow to up to 5inches long. The females live longer than the males as typical tarantulas do. The females can live up to 30yrs old, or in my case 21 after 21 after 21...... ..

New Guinea Giant Spiny stick insect

Huge, chunky and fab. These giants are from the forests of New Guinea. Unlike our other stick insects these stickies are ground dwelling. They hang out under leaves, fallen bark and stones. They only climb to eat and to moult. While they are young they show lots of different colour variations, usually various shades of brown and green to resemble moss. The males have large spurs on their hind legs which can inflict some pain if you were caught by them. ..

Pancake Slug

Originally found in Barbados these strange flat slugs still have very little known about them. Colour variations go from white to grey and grow to a sizeable 12cm. Being a nocturnal species they will bury themselves under rocks or bark reappearing at night time. They will live on vegetation just as snails do and will live for around 3 years. ..

Salmon Pink Bird Eating Tarantula

A very large and gentle species. These are quick growing tarantulas reaching a leg span of 10 inches. Who ever named them didn't know them very well. They do not eat birds, they live on the ground and prey on insects and small vertebrates. In the wild they would be living in the jungles of Brazil. ..

Spiny Flower Praying Mantis

This is such a pretty little thing. They have great colouring, as adults they are white with orange and green stripes with an eye or target on their wings. We just love their purple eyes! The purpose of the 'eyes' on their wings is to deter predators. Once startled they raise their wings to show off their bright yellow under wings and the two eye spots to scare off potential threats. They are cannibals so need to be kept separately. They originate from sub-Saharan Africa and don't like th..

Sun Beetle

The Sun Beetle, or Pachnoda marginata peregrina, is the most common pet beetle there is. This is mainly because their developmental time is short, rearing is easy and the adults have a nice bright yellow color. They originate from West and Central Africa. ..

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