Cheep as Chicks

Cheep as chicks incubation hire allows your school to experience the egg-citing experience of watching chicks hatch in front of your eyes and see their development over the next two weeks. You will be provided with a fully automatic incubator and six fertile chicken eggs or 12 fertile quail eggs. The incubator will need to be regularly topped up with water.

It will take egg-actly 21 days for chickens and 16 days to hatch quails, and then the chicks should be transferred into the brooder for the next two weeks. Rent a Beast will deliver and set up the incubator so you only have to wait for the hatching day. We keep the eggs for a week to ensure you have growing chicks. You will be able to hear the chicks cheeping two days before they hatch, known as ’pipping’. They will crack their shell and will slowly but surely start to make the hole bigger with their specially adapted egg tooth on their beak. Once they have made the hole big enough they will emerge all wet and gooey. They should dry off and fluff up within hours.

They will call to their siblings encouraging them all to hatch. Never be tempted to help them out of their shell, they need to this themselves. Allow the chicks to fully dry before removing them to the brooder, this takes roughly 24 hours. Delivery will be on a Wednesday or Thursday. All eggs will be checked to see if they are fertile and developing well before the delivery so we can give you an egg-xact date of hatching. The chicks maybe handled once they are fully dry. They do live off their yolk sac for the first 24 hours so they don’t need food/water in this time. Once they are transferred to the brooder you will have to pay them care and attention by providing them with a heat lamp (provided) chick crumb (provided), make sure they have water and clean them out regularly. Those little chicks can poo for England!

The chicks have a 5* lovely home to return to once their journey with you has been completed , even the boys!

This package contains:

Brinsea fully automatic incubator

6 fertile chicken eggs or 12 quail eggs

Instruction sheets

Brooder box with heat lamp

Chick crumb

Food and water container

Support and advice if needed.

Cost of hire £185 for 2 weeks of the incubator hire and 2 weeks brooder hire. Payment  will need to be in full either before or on delivery of the package.

Disclaimer: Every effort will be made to ensure that the eggs are fertile before being delivered.  Hatching is a complicated business and we cannot ensure that every egg will hatch successfully. Happy Hatching!!

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